Powder coating vs Wet painting

30 Nov

The benefits of powder coating are numerous. First, powder coating results in a thick, dense finish on metal products which can be more durable and longer lasting than conventional painting. Second, powder coating is typically a one coat finish so the process can be quite quick and easy. Third, powder coating can include multiple custom finishing colours and textures as the powders which are sprayed onto the item can be expertly manipulated. Fourth, powder coating is an environmentally safe finishing process because it produces few volatile organic compounds. Finally, powder coating creates the most even finished surfaces (horizontal and vertical surfaces) because the powder is sprayed and heated across without drips or application traces.

There are two drawbacks to wet paint. First, wet painting is not as durable as powder coating. Wet paint can require maintenance and re-finishing later. Secondly, wet painting can require multiple coats to get an even, unmarred finish. Because wet paint begins with a liquid, the finish can be tricky to guarantee the perfect finish—which results in multiple finishing coats.

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